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PC-420 Perfect Chair Classic Manual Plus

PC-420 Perfect Chair Classic Manual Plus

The Human Touch PC-420 Perfect Chair & Recliner is featured proudly at BettysPlace.LA. BettysPlace.LA is a proud dealer of Human Touch Massage Chairs and other wellness products and guarantees the lowest prices found online for the PC-420 Perfect Chair. 


While the zero gravity position helps to achieve relief from discomfort, most Perfect Chair® owners also extensively use their chair in positions other than zero gravity for activities like reading or watching television. Unlike zero gravity, sitting in these positions for extended periods of time places physical stress on the glutes and the sciatic nerve.


We've created a Perfect Chair where body weight is evenly distributed over the entire seating surface, fully eliminating uncomfortable, unhealthy and painful pressure points. Now, enjoy the stress-relieving benefits of our renowned Perfect Chair at any seating position. The Perfect Chair for your entire day.

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